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Big Daddy who makes all the decisions

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Welcome to Badlands X !

This is a server to enjoy yourself and HAVE FUN ! !

Actions NOT Allowed in Non-PvP (Player vs Player) areas:

DO NOT cast offensive spells.
DO NOT pickpocket.
DO NOT disarm.
DO NOT perform ANY HOSTILE actions to other players in Non-PvP areas.

The ONLY exception to the above is when a PvP lock occurs.
(PvP lock means that the victim who you chose to attack in a PvP area flead and lead you to a Non-PvP area.)
Actions NOT Allowed in PvP areas:

DO NOT log out of Badlands X as to avoid being killed.
DO NOT log out of Badlands X as to avoid being pickpocketed.
DO NOT take a high lvl character into a lower lvl Non PvP area to spawn creatures that kill the low level players leveling there.
DO NOT resurrect and kill a player character. (res - kill, res - kill)

Actions NOT Allowed in the SHOUT channel:

DO NOT use profanity, racial or obscene language on shout.
DO NOT spam on shout.
(Spamming is defined by the excessive ammounts of chat lines by one or more individuals with no intent or purpose on the players, DMs or the server as a whole.
DO NOT harass other players on shout.
(Harassment is defined as insults and derogative terms used with the sole purpose of creating hostility.)
Actions NOT Allowed in general:

DO NOT stalk a player character especially when he/she is leveling.
(Stalking is defined as the obsessive fighting, following, observing, or contacting of another person, or the obsessive attempt to engage in any of these activities.)
DO NOT use exploits. (Exploit is defined as something that takes an advantage of a bug, glitch or vulnerability in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behavior to occur on the module.)
If you find an exploit or a bug you MUST immediately report it to a DM.

Reporting Violations
If you see ANYONE breaking any of the above rules whether is a death log, spamming on shout, cussing on shout or anything else you MUST immediately screenshot it (a screenshot MUST accompany all reports with the person's account name and CD Key) and inform a DM so that a punishment can be delivered.
DO NOT use shout to report violations of in game rules.(Use the DM channel to tell a DM.)
DO NOT use the forums to report violations of in game rules.(Use private message to a DM.)
DO NOT sent screenshots reporting every little infraction you see in the heat of the moment. Show a little restraint.

Screenshots button can be assigned in Neverwinter Nights by going to :
OPTIONS ----> Controls ---->Change Key Settings ----> Misc. Category----> Screen Capture.
The location for screenshots taken using the in-game key is the same folder as your Neverwinter Nights folder.
Or usually by pressing the Print Screen key for Windows or Cmd-Shift-F3 for Mac users.

If any player character is discovered not obeying any of the rules above, the punishment, rest assured, will be swift and hard by the DMs. Depending, of course, the kind of violation being made.
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Server Rules
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