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 Crafting Items in game

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PostSubject: Crafting Items in game   Crafting Items in game Icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2008 9:09 am

Attributes (Strength, Dexterity...etc.) : In Badlands, you can have any attribute maxed at +12.
Items though can be crafted with any attribute maxed at +5.
Example given : if you want your strength to be +12, for example you must craft an armor with +5 Strength, a belt +5 Strength and a shield with +2
(5+5+2 = 12)

Saves (Fortitude, Will, Reflex) : Only rings can be crafted for saves and they can be crafted at +5 max per save.
Example given: You can craft a ring with +5 fort saves, +5 will saves, +5 reflex saves).

Enchantment Bonus in Weapons: weapons can be crafted +5 enchantment bonus at max. Same applies in Attack Bonus.
Only tourney weapons can have +6 or +7 enchantment bonus ( So win tourneys ).

Elemental damage in weapons: Weapons can be crafted with maxed 1d12 elemental dmg.
Example given: You can craft a longsword with 1d12 fire dmg, 1d10 acid dmg, and 1d8 cold dmg if you want.

Sonic, negative, divine dmg as also bludgeoning, slashing, piercing dmg cannot be crafted on weapons. (These dmgs only exist in tourney weapons.)

Skills (discipline, concetration etc.): Items with Bonus at Skills can't be crafted also. Only tourney weapons can have bonus at skills.

Last but most important. Crafted items cannot exceed the 21 lvl limitation. So you can craft an item until it can be used for a lvl 21 player not more.
Only weapons can later be enchanted and exceed this limit.
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Crafting Items in game
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