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 Xp bank is now in.

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Big Daddy who makes all the decisions
Big Daddy who makes all the decisions

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Xp bank is now in. Empty
PostSubject: Xp bank is now in.   Xp bank is now in. Icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2008 1:48 pm

Ok the xp bank is now in this is how it works you will need an xp key which is exchanged from a bronze medal from a dm. You will need 2 xp keys to work the bank. 1 to use on the toon you are banking and 1 for the toon you are collecting xp on.
This will give you the full xp amount you have banked so there will be no xp cost to xfer this.

This also means that Tounry medals will not be used for relevling your toon.

Also please note if you do lose xp this is at your own risk for using the XP bank.
I have tested it and it works through server resets aswell so there should be no issues at all.
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Xp bank is now in.
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